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Pretty fun game, I'd love to see it expand more!


I loved the idea of the game! I really liked how the characters you had to assasinate were pretty sarcastic!


I made a little video of it Great game by the way i look forward to some updates mabye some more levels i dont really know. but still a great game!


I loved it but the only problem is it wasn't as long as I thought it would be, I was expecting more but everything before that I LOVED IT!


Awesome concept. Very enjoyable. Maybe it would be easier on you if you made the charachters random instead of making them all youraelf :D


Overall, I LOVED the concept of this game. Mixing the idea of staging an assassination with some puzzle aspects is a great idea. There are definitely some issues with the gameplay that need to be tweaked, but it's a great game nonetheless! Hope to see something bigger come from this!


Interesting game, definitely not what I expected.

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I can't download at this site!!!

good nobody wants to YOU download their game


This game is AWESOME i would really like to see full game.

Some things that can be better:

  • Start Screen
  • Shop ( You know what i mean )
  • Characters more emotional like: I DONT WANT TO DIE!
  • Little less weird massages ( Optional :-D )
  • Some missions like You can ´´kill´´ this one OR this one
So yes that is it!

Awesome game. Hope there's more to it!


Mamma mia, so many features!! I love the amount of options here. I will say it was a bit overwhelming and I still don't quite understand why I failed certain objectives. Overall, great job though. Concept could definitely be expanded out!


Amazing job guys! It is very entertaining and funny, love the gameplay mechanics and the fact that you took time to make characters' personalities witty and sarcastic, it was an awesome experience :D

I made a video about it:

if you want to check, wish the best of luck for the full release, can't wait to play more! Cheers!

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